From Desktop to Webtop

Applications can be run on the web, thus being accessible from anywhere. The programmes are installed on servers; there is no need for free memory capacity on one’s own computer, software can be further developed on a more rapid pace:

  • The boundaries between PC and web applications are blurring.
  • More and more software is being directly transferred to the web.
  • The freemail service GoogleMail offers better functions than firmly installed programmes such as Outlook.
  • Online word processing programs are accessible from anywhere.
  • Cooperation of users.
  • The web turns from a collection of websites into a platform.
  • Applications can be run on the web.
  • Applications are therefore accessible from everywhere.
  • Rhe programmes are installed on servers.
  • There is no need for fixed disk capacity.
  • Software can be further developed on a more rapid pace.
  • The user does not have to care about software updates.
  • Web contents are more and more being retrieved by mobile devices such as mobile phones, MP3-players and pocket PCs.
Google Mail and Google Calendar
Google Mail and Google Calendar.
Google Blog Search and Google Docs
Google Blog Search and Google Docs.

Google-services (mail, calendar, text, tables, Google Maps, blogs, bookmarks):

Yahoo! 360° platform:

Windows Live

(According to O’Reilly: Web 2.0 for Participation)

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