Ajax or the new interaction of web applications

New programming techniques allow of individual data exchange with the server:

  • GoogleMail reports without reload when new messages have arrived.
  • Writely, the online word processing programme, opens contact menus after right click.
  • Google Maps zooms maps without resending the entire request to the server.
  • The web is more and more turning into an application, offering look & feel of programmes locally installed on the PC.
  • The secret is the new technology called Ajax.
  • Ajax stands for “Asynchronous JavaScript and XML”.
  • The combination of these two techniques allows the exchange of only specifically requested data between browser and server.
  • Ajax provides for new contents on the website without having to completely reload it.
  • The traditional web organisation in sites is taken over by new web applications as fast as desktop software.
  • In addition, Ajax enables the mixing up of different web offers since data can derive from diverse sources.
The AJAX principle
The AJAX principle (According to O’Reilly: Web 2.0 for Participation).

(According to O’Reilly: Web 2.0 for Participation)

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