We are the Web

The World Wide Web is turning from a network of machines into a network of human beings:

  • The human being is at the centre.
  • The user doesn’t simply surf through the net anymore but he modifies and adds to it.
  • He writes a web-diary.
  • He displays his photographs on exchange sites.
  • He puts his knowledge at disposal in online-encyclopaedias.
  • He recommends his bookmarks to other users.
  • The internet is changing from a network of computers and servers into a network of the people.
  • In social networks users are being linked to each other.
Administer pictures with Flickr
Administer pictures with Flickr.
Writing online diaries
Writing online diaries (travel diary).
Manage knowledge with Wikipedia
Manage knowledge with Wikipedia.
Administer videos with YouTube
Administer videos with YouTube.

(According to O’Reilly: Web 2.0 for Participation)

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