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Cherry and beta status

Friday, November 16th, 2007

“Our name is our motto“, was written earlier. A google search for this motto delivers some 366,000 hits whereby it might be doubted whether the motto always follows the name or vice versa. Our portal is to stand out among this bulk of offers exactly because better information, “” is offered.

After numerous trials on design we now have a logo with clear lines, high recall value, further emphasizing our mission with the slogan “the cherry on top” and finally with the beta hint paying tribute to “Perpetual Beta” and regular further development. Logo

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Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

After endless discussions, uncountable domain checks and first signs of a row 2.0 the name is firmly established while at the same time being a commitment!

The name unmistakably follows web 2.0 which is not unwanted and thoroughly intended even though many will have to cope with the missing ‘e’. We are of the opinion that by not being there it adds to the fascination of the word, the same is true in arts where perfect is boring, anyway just think of,,,, and many other providers and you’ll know that we are in good company.

For similar future problems we recommend the Web 2.0 Name Generator.

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