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What is Web 2.0?

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

What is meant by the headword Web 2.0?

  • In 2004 Tim O’Reilly (founder and chief of O’Reilly Publishing House) and Dale Dougherty (co-founder of O’Reilly Publishing House) organized a brainstorming session on new techniques and trends on the web.
  • These changes of the web should be the main topic of a conference after the bursting of the dotcom bubble.
  • Tim O’Reilly coined the term “Web 2.0″ as a headword.
  • In autumn 2004 the first “Web 2.0 Conference” was held in San Francisco.

What is Web 2.0 all about?

Common shared intelligence due to

  • Networking
  • Interactivity
  • Openness

Web 2.0, the contribute web

In the process of designing a new site, logo, promotional flyer, and more, you’ll often end up emailing dozens of files back and forth with your coworkers and clients to see what they think about the changes

From Desktop to Webtop

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Applications can be run on the web, thus being accessible from anywhere. The programmes are installed on servers; there is no need for free memory capacity on one’s own computer, software can be further developed on a more rapid pace:

  • The boundaries between PC and web applications are blurring.
  • More and more software is being directly transferred to the web.
  • The freemail service GoogleMail offers better functions than firmly installed programmes such as Outlook.
  • Online word processing programs are accessible from anywhere.
  • Cooperation of users.
  • The web turns from a collection of websites into a platform.
  • Applications can be run on the web.
  • Applications are therefore accessible from everywhere.
  • Rhe programmes are installed on servers.
  • There is no need for fixed disk capacity.
  • Software can be further developed on a more rapid pace.
  • The user does not have to care about software updates.
  • Web contents are more and more being retrieved by mobile devices such as mobile phones, MP3-players and pocket PCs.
Google Mail and Google Calendar
Google Mail and Google Calendar.
Google Blog Search and Google Docs
Google Blog Search and Google Docs.

Google-services (mail, calendar, text, tables, Google Maps, blogs, bookmarks):

Yahoo! 360° platform:

Windows Live

(According to O’Reilly: Web 2.0 for Participation)

How does work?

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Let’s get back to the formerly explained basic idea:

Our direct customers are the visitors of the portal!

In order to establish a firm relationship with the visitor we focus on

Quality of information
Confidence in the information offered
Satisfaction and loyalty of the visitors

But how can the necessary relationship to the direct customers be built up?

By using Web 2.0 technologies!

District teams observed effective practices such as morning anyone can find out more and closing meetings, one strategy that has been shown to build a positive learning environment

Finally in the starting blocks!

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Only a few weeks until launch of the version 1.0!

Only a few weeks until launch!

You can find more details here on our blog!

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